10 december 2011

24 days of Christmas #10 Poinsettias.


Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Here it's a sunny day, yeahhh...

Todays theme is "Poinsettias".

I used:

* base and topcoat.
* China glaze Jolly Holly.

* China glaze Cowgirl up.
* Catrice  Amazonian Gold.

* Catrice  Lovely Sinner.
* Essence White Secret
* Misa Confection Section.
* Ezflow Golden Showers
* Golden rhinestones.

* Golden beads.

2 Coats of  Essence White Secret
and 1 of  Misa Confection Section,
on the ringvinger.

2 Coats of  China glaze Cowgirl up
on the rest of the vingers.

I used China glaze Jolly Holly,
China glaze Cowgirl up,Catrice 
Amazonian Gold and Catrice  Lovely
Sinner to make the poinsettias on the
ring finger.

Place a rhinestone in the middle of
each the flower. Add some beads.

Put some Ezflow Golden Showers on the
tips of the rest of your fingers and
finish with a topcoat.

I hope you liked it.
Tomorrows theme is "Wreathes"

Also doing this challenge:

Thanks for stopping by,
hope to see you tomorrow.

xox Shannara xox

20 opmerkingen:

  1. Super mooi! Bedankt voor de award, ik zal kijken of ik hem kan doen :)

  2. Wow, this is so beautiful! I love the design with the rhinestones and the colors you chose!

  3. Oooh, very pretty! An unexpected color combination for the theme, too--I like it very much!

  4. Wow! I actually love these1 I need to find some decent stickers because yours look amazing girl! xox

  5. Gorgeous!!
    I also tagged you in my latest post :)

  6. @KarenD thanks :-)

    @Ally-Rosexox these are no stikkers, I paited them with nail polish :-)

    @Nail Reflections thanks :-)

    @Nory Thanks for the glitter tag

    @Kelly Thanks :-)

    @Amy Thx :-)

  7. Gorgeous!! Echt leuk zo'n accent nagel. Ik wil het ook eens proberen met minder ingewikkelde nailart.. al zul je vast zeggen dat het wel meevalt ;-)

  8. thxxxx

    hahaha Deb, zal eerlijk zijn, stickertjes zijn gemakkelijker :p

  9. Such beauty! Love them!! You really outdid yourself!


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