13 januari 2012

I finally did it! My 1st water marble.


Al ruim een half jaar denk ik, dat moet ik eens proberen ...water marbling.
Vandaag heb ik het eindelijk gedaan!
Het is niet perfect, maar ook niet slecht voor een eerste keer vind ik.

More than half year, I want to try ... water marbling.
Today I finally did it!
It's not perfect but not bad for a first time I think.

Ik heb China Glaze Sexy, Golden Opportunity en
Sexy in the City gebruikt om te marbelen.
Daarna heb ik wat glitter aan gebracht met
Nubar Angelic Glitter. Afgewerkt met een topcoat.

I'm used China Glaze Sexy, Golden Opportunity and
Sexy in the City  to Marbel.
Then I put some glitter on with Nubar Angelic Glitter.
Finished with a topcoat.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

xox Shannara xox

29 opmerkingen:

  1. OMG it came out super pretty for your first water marble.. LOVE IT

  2. This is beautiful! Looks like a lollypop on nails!

  3. Heel erg goed gelukt zeg!

  4. Wow. Only you could do something so beautiful on the first try. Love the colors!

  5. You did an amazing job! This is so pretty.

  6. this is your first time?! wow! you could of fooled me! its perfect! i love the color combination!!

  7. It looks amazing! I can't believe it was your first time I only tried once and I didn't even get anything on my nail so I give up, you did such a great job and I love the colors you chose.

  8. Echt prachtig! Hij is super goed gelukt!

  9. Thxxxx guys! :-)

    This is really my first time, I found my little finger very difficult. I thought I would have to stand on my head to get it the right way into the water, hahaha

  10. wauw, echt super gelukt! bij mij was de eerste keer water marble een RAMP!

  11. It looks really nice! I like all the colours :)

  12. I love this. It looks like Summer in the middle of Winter. :D You did a fabulous job on your first ever water marble.

    My first attempt was so heinous that I didn't even take pictures! I just cleaned it off and pretended that it never happened! hee hee

  13. oh my god you did a good job! I tried it ones and I could not get it to work lol :( x

  14. Zeker niet slecht voor een eerste keer! Mij is het nooit gelukt ;p

  15. oh i love this. esp. if this is your first try, it really came up great.:)

    I like water marbling a lot, but it seems to me sooo much work...:D

    how long did it take?

  16. Thxxx guys!

    @Color Beam about an hour :-)

  17. This looks AWESOME Shannara!!! And it was your first time? Great job! Love the colors you chose ;0)

  18. Wowie goed gelukt joh! Was dit echt je eerste poging? Ongelofelijk!

  19. Holey moley! What a great marble! I LOOOVE the colors! Great job! I'm surprised this is your 1st! <3 it!


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