19 december 2011

24 days of Christmas #19 Santa's hat.


Hope you all had I great weekend!
Frankly, I am glad this challenge is
almost over. Every day a new nail art
is a bit too much.

Today's theme is "Santa's hat"

I used:

* base and topcoat.
* Essence Multi Dimension Diamonds & Pearls.
* P2 Fever.
* Red tinsel.
* Glitters.

Thank you for watching,
I hope you liked it.
Tomorrows theme is "Sleigh or sled"


xox Shannara xox

15 opmerkingen:

  1. I am nominating you for a blog award and will have a post about it on the 20th! =D

  2. Wow!! Your designs are so unique and cool!! :D

  3. Wow, this manicure is so pretty. I love it!!

  4. It's okay Nail Reflections, you are so kind.
    I'll as my boyfriend when he comes home, he knows more about this stuff

  5. This is so glamorous! Love your designs with all the glitter and rhinestones!

  6. Prachtige creatie! Met een paar simpele elementen maak jij er iets fantastisch van! Jouw kerst-nagels zouden prachtig staan op ansichtkaarten.... zou weer eens wat anders zijn. Ipv standaard prentjes gewoon jouw gorgeous nagels in kerststijl op de kaart!!

  7. pretty! i like how each nail is different! and the use of tinsel is nice!


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