19 november 2012

10 Week Challenge #9: Saran wrap nails

Saran wrap nails maken is echt super easy en echt iedereen kan het.

Saran wrap nails are very easy to make and everyone can do it.


- Ludurana Aurora Boreal Magnifica
- Catrice Houston's favorite
- Vershoudfolie / Saran wrap
- Base & top coat 

Tutorial by RealAsianBeauty


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xox Shannara xox 

38 opmerkingen:

  1. I love that you did it with a holo! Looks very pretty!

  2. Whooohooo this is so cool, one of the nicest SW mani's I have seen!

  3. Mooi efect dat ga ik zeker proberen..

  4. Zeer, zeer mooi gedaan!! Houston's geeft zo een supermooi effect! De mooiste entry die ik gezien heb! Ik ben fan :D En straks ga ik die tutorial kijken want nu wil ik dat ook doen XD

  5. Never tried them but they're cute :)

  6. You did an amazing job with this one. Love it! <3

  7. Oh my, de basislak is gewoon toooo die for!

  8. love this technique, you've choose gorgeous colors :D


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