11 december 2011

24 days of Christmas #11 Wreathes.


Todays theme is "Wreathes"
No traditional Christmas colors,
but black, silver and lots of glitters.

I used:

* Base and topcoat.
* China glaze Haunting.
* Orly Dazzle.
* Nfo-OH GS 04.
* Silver glitter striper.
* Rhinestones.
* Silver Glitters.

I hope you liked it.
Tomorrows theme is "Holly"

Also doing this challenge:

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hope to see you tomorrow.

xox Shannara xox

20 opmerkingen:

  1. Tres Chique! Het ziet er echt heel professioneel uit.

  2. This is so beautiful! I love the gems!! :D

  3. Love! And I love the color choice! Still festive without being the usual. Impressed!

  4. are you a proffesional nail artist? because your designs are flawless! i love your creativity ! i would never thought black and silver. but it looks great!


  5. Thxxx guys!

    @Maria nooo it's just a hobby :-)

  6. you are so creative, I love this look, I would had never thought about this!

  7. Uh this is awesome! What a great idea to use black polish and gems! I love it ;)

  8. Je verbaast me iedere dag weer met die prachtige nailarts! Ik heb gister trouwens die zilveren hexagons in een potje gekocht bij de Action voor iets van €0,60. Heb je die hier ook gebruikt? Het is in ieder geval wel een goede budgettip, het zit in zo'n potje bij de kerstdecoraties haha!

  9. Thxxx :-)

    @Sylvia ja zijn die, geloof dat we heel ons leven toekomen met die pot hahahaha

  10. WOW I really love this one of my favorite color combos is black, white and silver!!! Very very gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. So unique! I like it a lot!! and all the glitter!:)

  12. Wow these are so different and gorgeous! Perfect Christmas party mani! xox


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