26 december 2011

My Christmas Presents.


Today I want to show you my Christmas presents.
I love them all!
Especially my boyfriend has spoiled me rotten.
Thanks sweety, love you!
I'll start with his presents...

He bought me not one but four parfumes.
He hasn't tested them, he only looked if the bottle
was pretty... hahaha
They smell delicious!

He bought me my first Kiko nail polish.
He knows what colors I like!

And my first Koh polish,
love it.

This pajama is so cute.

These Nubars my mum got me.
Bigg kiss!

And then there is some other stuff  I've got.


H&m giftset.
More H&M polish.
House soks.

And I ordered myself a new nail polish rack today.
Gift to myself ... lol

I am so happy with my new stuff!
Hope you had a Merry Christmas.
Thanks for stopping by.

xox Shannara xox

19 opmerkingen:

  1. yay you got a lot of presents there ;)

    merry christmas

  2. Thanks Jel, a Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. Wow, wat een fantastische kerstkado's heb je gehad. Je bent inderdaad lekker verwend! Geniet ervan meid!

  4. leuke artikel leuke site ik volg je ik ben zelfs je 160e volger volg je me ook

  5. Dankjewel

    @Deb dat zal zeker lukken :-)

  6. That's alot of polish,and I love the socks,so cozy!

  7. @Talie they know what to get me hahaha, I love the soks too, I always wear them in winter

  8. ooh those are some awesome gifts! A lot of nail polish :) can't wait to see what you do with all of them!! :)

  9. je hebt echt veel gekregen zeg !
    je bent echt lekker verwend!
    ziet er allemaal echt super goed uit !
    Liefs Berrie

  10. So many beautiful (and good smelling) presents <3
    You're gonna have plenty of hours of fun with the polishes!

  11. WOW! I bet you were so happy! Lovely gifts and pretty polish!

  12. Pretty! Ik vroeg me af wat de namen zijn van je nubar nagellakjes. Ik wil ze ook, haha.

  13. I still am Nail Reflections :-D

    @ LinvanT
    Funky Opal
    Orange Spice
    Pink Shimmer
    De Ja Vu
    Forget Me Not

  14. Wow boffert! Wat mooi! Heeft hij de Kiko lakken hier gekocht?

  15. Nee in Oberhasen, ik moest terug naar buiten zodat hij nagellakjes kon kiezen, hahaha

  16. @Shannara thanks!
    Je hebt allemaal toffe kacootjes gehad! Ik denk niet dat ik weet waar ik zou beginnen met nagellakken.


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