30 november 2011

CG Prize Winning Mare & Cracked Medallion.

Hi Guys,

I did't want too much contrast, so I combined
Cracked Medallion with Prize Winning Mare.
They'r both from China Glaze...

Prize Winning Mare is from the
Rodeo Diva Collection. Has a metallic
look, but isn't.  And has a pretty
gold shimmer.

Cracked Medallion is a bronze metallic

I used two coats of  Prize Winning Mare
and no topcoat.

Thank you for watching!

Don't forget, tomorrow starts my

xox Shannara xox

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Yeah Coconut oil is great! Lovely post.. love the golden nails.. xx

  2. Beautiful nails! I haven't had much luck with crackles but after your pictures, maybe I'll try China Glaze's!

  3. I love the crackle! Your nails are so beautiful,shannara!

  4. Erg mooi en heel feestelijk! Ben je trouwens helemaal overgeschakeld naar het Engels?

  5. i've passed the Nail Art friendly Badge to you!

    great color combo too! :)

  6. Thx girls !

    @deb ben er nog niet helemaal uit, mss wel en mix van de 2

    @kelly thanks so sweet of you


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