6 december 2011

24 days of Christmas #6 Penguins.


I hope you still enjoy watching this challenge.
I love doing it, still it requires more time
than I expected.
Let's quickly move on to today's theme

I used:

* base and topcoat.
* Cleare's 0118 for the sky.
* Orly Winter Wonderland for the snow.
* Nfu-Oh GS07 to add some glitter to the air.
* Water decals.

I hope you liked it.
Tomorrows theme is "Gingerbread Man"

Also doing this challenge:

Thanks for stopping by,
hope to see you tomorrow.

xox Shannara xox

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Love those little guys. I'm in love with the background color!

  2. Haha, those penguins are great! Love these decals you used. Where do you get those?

  3. The penguins are so cute. Very pretty water decals. Here I Just find rhinestones and flowers decals.

  4. thxxx guys! :-)

    @Sabine and Beautyshades I orderd these on Ebay

  5. Ohh...deze nagels zijn echt TE schattig!!! <3

  6. These are so cute! I'm going to have to pick up some of these water decals, I love them!


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