4 maart 2013

Sand Effect Nails.

Het is een echte hype op het moment, sand effect nagellak. Allerlei merken brengen het nu op de mark. Het leek me wel een uitdaging om het effect zelf te proberen te creëren.

It's a real hype at the moment, sand effect nail polish. All kinds of brands are selling it now. It seemed like a challenge to try to create it myself.


-  Acrylic pink glitter
- Misa Poppy Dreams
- Technic Carnaval

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xox Shannara xox

48 opmerkingen:

  1. It is an effect that is easy to create at home. I like your combination.

  2. Niet alleen heel mooie swatches, maar ik vind de foto's ook prachtig!

  3. It sure looks like the "real" thing, well done done Shannara!

  4. Gaaf! Zou je eens een how to willen maken?

  5. Hello!

    I have a glaze with that gritty texture but had never thought to put glitter on top I have to try!

    I love, really.


  6. Erg goed gelukt!
    Hij ziet er ook nog eens heel vrolijk uit :)

  7. Wow! You really managed to make the effect. Beautiful photos as always. I love that you have started with the first photo with sepia toning. It's beautiful, and makes me more curious to see the color of your mani.

  8. This is the first sand polish that I have found to be beautiful, the others I do not like. Fantastic job, I think you exceeded your goal of re creating the polishes!

  9. this is such a cool effect! really pretty color too :)

  10. Wow, it really looks like the real thing!! Nice!

  11. Didn't know one can easily make this. I Love this soft pink.


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